Wardrobe Travel Essentials and Travel Tips

Travel season has begun, and we are so ready for some fun adventures!  So dust off your luggage and take a read.  We’re sharing some key tips on packing women’s spring and summer outfits for vacation travel. First, and most importantly, comfort is key when it comes to travel fashion. If you’re like me, you'll likely be doing a lot of walking and exploring, so choose comfortable women’s clothing that allows for ease of movement in lightweight fabrics.  Breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and rayon are ideal for warm weather destinations. 

If you’re planning some weekend beach vacations this year or maybe a few weeks on a far-off island, swimsuit cover-ups are a must! Choose versatile cover-ups that can easily transition from the beach to a restaurant or bar. Bright and bold hues are perfect for tropical destinations. Floral prints and stripes are classic options that work everywhere. Kimono style cardigans and, one of our favorites, crochet cardigans, are the perfect pieces for poolside over your bathing suit. They create a cute, layered look when paired up with skinny jeans or paper bag shorts. 


And it wouldn’t be a vacation without a few cute maxi dresses.  Maxis are one of the most versatile pieces you could ever own. Perfect for dressing up or down, and versatile enough to wear just about anywhere while keeping you comfortable and looking stylish for all those selfies you’ll be taking.




And don’t forget to show off your summer glow in a sleeveless halter or cold shoulder tunic. Wear with leggings, a cute pair of shorts or jeans for an easy subtle sexy look for day or night outings.  Easy to wear and easy to pack.




No matter where your travels take you, never leave home without a few Cardigans.  They are an essential item while traveling. From cold airplanes and dinner spots to breezy nights, Cardigans give us gals the warmth we love while keeping us stylish. The options are endless from a cozy hoodie that you can wrap yourself up in, to a lightweight semi-sheer cardigan, a pointelle detailed duster, cable knit braided button up, or a curve hugging ribbed knit zip-up cardigan, you’ll look and feel your best on your travels in a Belldini Sweater!

When it comes to laying out your wardrobe and packing, we love pieces you can mix and match to create multiple vacation outfits. Anything that doesn’t wrinkle is a must! Have fun experimenting with colors and prints to create your perfect vacation style. Be sure to accessorize with key jewelry pieces and of course a great pair of wedges or flat sandals that tie it all together.

Traveling gives us the chance to take a moment to ourselves, relax and have fun.  The key operative word being “fun” and to come back refreshed with a camera full of memories. To help you live your best vacation life possible, we’ve put together some of our favorite travel tips and if you have any of your own, please share them with us!  It takes a tribe, ladies.


Here are some helpful travel tips:

  • Check the weather forecast for your destination and pack accordingly. Be sure to include a mix of casual outfits and dressy outfits.

  • Make a list of the activities you want to do and double check that your bucket list spots will be open and what their hours of operation are or if you need a reservation in advance. 

  • Don't forget to pack essential items such as your passport, wallet, phone charger, and any medications you take. If you are bringing your passport, make sure you make two color photocopies of it. Leave one at home and bring one with you. If you lose your passport this will help clear things up quickly.

  • Pack women’s clothes suitable for the climate of your destination. If you're traveling to a tropical location, pack lightweight Spring and Summer clothes made from breathable materials. If you're traveling to a cold destination, pack warm clothes such as a coat, gloves, hat, and scarf. 

  • Roll your clothes to save space in your luggage. This also helps prevent wrinkling. Bring along a travel size bottle of laundry soap in case you need touch ups.
  • Make sure to pack an extra outfit in your carry-on bag, just in case!
  • Bring a small bag or backpack for day trips or excursions. 

  • Pack underwear and socks in freezer size Zip-Lock bags. If TSA has to go through your luggage, you don’t want them losing things, or, let’s face it, touching your underwear. Pack extra underwear too!

  • Don't forget to pack appropriate footwear, including comfortable walking shoes and flip flops or sandals for the beach.

  • Bring layers. You may need to throw a cardigan on if it gets chilly! Layering allows for more outfit combinations as well. Choose cardigans that are versatile enough to wear day or night. If traveling by air, don’t forget to bring a cozy swing cardigan that you can wrap yourself in or an oversized sweater for those cold cabins.

  • Pack accessories such as sunglasses and a hat. Make sure you pack that sunscreen!

  • Pack your tickets, hotel reservations, and any other important travel documents together in a place you can easily access them.

  • Make sure you have any necessary power adapters for international travel.

  • Consider using a smart plug or timer to turn lights on and off while you are gone. No one needs to know your house is empty!

  • Check your medical coverage and buy travel insurance if necessary.

  • Check COVID restrictions before you go and make sure you comply with any testing or quarantine instructions.  Be aware of any mask requirements from restaurants to car services.

  • Pack toiletries and personal items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sunscreen, and insect repellent in a Zip-Lock bag to prevent leaks. Remember to comply with TSA travel guidelines for carry-on luggage.  Check out the TSA regulations at https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/all

  • Use a zip-tie to secure your luggage zippers. TSA can remove it easily if needed and your things won’t end up lost in the airport!  You can also find TSA approved luggage locks at many shops.

  • Consider packing a travel-sized first aid kit, just in case. Bring any over-the-counter medications you may need to take including, but not limited to, allergy medicine, anti-nausea medications and pain relief. Pack extra facemasks.

  • Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and reduce waste.

  • Don't overpack - only bring what you'll need and use.

  • Pack some snacks to keep you fueled during long flights or car rides.

  • Bring a book, a tablet, crosswords/word search puzzle books, or some other form of entertainment to keep you occupied during downtime.

  • Invest in a travel pillow, travel blanket and an eye mask for long flights.  You’ll be glad you did.  Earplugs are also one of our go-to’s for when we want to catch a little nap on the plane.

  • Contact your bank or credit card company to let them know you will be using your cards in a geographically different area. Bring cash and credit cards, as well as traveler's checks if you prefer.

  • Double check your cell phone plan to ensure you will be able to use your phone if you’re leaving the country.  Be sure you understand any additional fees and ask if they have a temporary upgrade in your plan to cover those fees.

  • Leave your travel and contact information with a friend or family member.

  • Invest in some automatic timers for your home so the lights will turn on and off at the times you program.

  • Make plans for any pets you have! And have a backup plan.

  • Put your mail on hold if you don’t have anyone that can pick it up for you. You can find more details at USPS, here:  https://www.usps.com/manage/hold-mail.htm

  • Always double check the baggage size and weight limit in advance of your flight so you can pack accordingly. Some of these fees can eat into your fun money. Be sure to leave a little room for the souvenirs you’ll be bringing back with you.

  • If you’re traveling with children we find that bringing small toys and treats they’ve never had can help make entertaining them flow more smoothly. Think shiny new toy!  For kids (and adults with sensitive ears), lollipops for take-off and landing work great to help with their ears. Some doctors recommend Advil or Tylenol 30 minutes before taking off to get ahead of the pain. Consult your physician about solutions first.

Finally, double-check your packing list before you leave to ensure that you haven't forgotten anything important.  Use our checklist to help plan your trip!


Happy travels!!!


Team Belldini



  • Jessica

    Thank you for the suggestions! I have printed the checklist and am now actually looking forward to packing. Also, I picked up a few cardigans from you guys that I’m excited to bring with me.

  • Elizabeth Wakefield

    OMG, this is so helpful! I am in love with your maxi dresses too.

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