Destination Spring Break

Spring break is upon us and you know what that means. Travel season has begun!  From spring break through the end of summer the travel bug has got us all itching for new scenery and new adventures!  Maybe you’re planning a trip to a tropical island like Hawaii or St. Martin - although, we hear Cozumel and Tulum are the latest hot spots for some fun in the sun. Or maybe you’re looking for new adventures on the mainland hitting quaint little towns like Carmel by the Sea in California, or the bright lights of a big city like Los Angeles or New York. No matter the destination, looking cute and traveling in comfy clothes is a must!  Check out some of our favorite travel wear from plane rides and car rides to daytime tourist activities and soaking up the culture at night.


Travel Outfits | Comfortably Cute

Lounge pants are the new yoga pants and they’re here to stay.  Thankfully.  Comfy, casual and loose fitting with a touch of style.  Loungewear has definitely had its place in our lives these past few years.  It has become a fashion statement and a part of our everyday wardrobe whether we’re chilling inside all day, walking the dogs or running errands.  And now with travel season finally here, they’re going to be your favorite travel buddies. 
If you’re looking for a refresh, our super soft knit tops are designed to pair up perfectly with our casual lounge bottoms or with your favorite pair of jeans.  It’s all about functional fashion that can take you from boarding to hotel check in and then some.  So get ready for take-off and settle in for the journey ahead!  We’ll get you to your destination looking cute and staying cozy!

Be The Cutest Tourist

I don’t know what it is about vacations, especially ones that take you to places you’ve never been before, but it makes us want to look our cutest!  As if we’re there to represent our hometown, or maybe it’s just all about looking our best for all the pictures we take. Either way, vacation outfits are planned to perfection.  We envision how we’ll look living our best lives in settings we’ve yet to see. Imagining fun moments to romantic strolls in fashion pieces that can take us through a day of walking around a quaint town or city soaking in the culture.  And let’s not forget versatility.  Our fashion is created to dress up or down from day to night in easy to wear lightweight materials which means lighter luggage and easier to pack!

From Cozy Café’s to Local Nightlife

Vacations are made for rest, new adventures and of course…FOOD!  Aside of holidays, this is the time we give ourselves a hall pass to indulge.  We get to try new flavors and discover new dishes allowing us to break the pattern of eating the same old things.  Besides - all that energy your burning throughout the day lets you justify eating a little bit more than usual.  Ask the locals, they’ll tell you where to go for whatever it is you’re craving or want to try for the first time.  And above all, be sure to hit some of the hot spots from neighborhood bars to the hippest clubs where you can dance the night away. Some of the best times are letting loose and getting to know your temporary neighborhood on a more intimate level.  Wherever you’re headed, dress the part in some of our trendy go to’s that will have you pulled together in a snap.  Bon Appetit!  Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate!


  • Robyn

    I bought one of the floral shirts because I love lavender. Even though I just received it, it’s already become my favorite shirt. We are going to Figi in May and I know I will be packing it. It looks great on me and also helps to to hide a little post-baby weight.

  • Katie

    The lounge hoodie and matching joggers are so comfy and they’re so cute.


    These outfits are the cutest! Totallllly perfect for my upcoming vacation to warmer weather from the northeast! Done with winter!! Next! So excited 🤗

  • JESS

    So excited for the easy pieces for holiday! I’m leaving in a month for my next trip and I see I few pieces that will definitely be in my suitcase! And I’ll be wearing that cozy off the shoulder knit top on the plane! ✈️

  • Kristin

    I’ve officially taken my vacation wardrobe up a few notches. So many cute options on your site that are perfect for my girls trip! Really loving those knit dresses and going out tops. So cute and pretty! Excited to get my order!

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